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Hitachi SK-HD1500 HD Slow Motion Production Camera

Brand: Hitachi

Product code: SK-HD1500

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The new 16-bit SK-HD1500 1080/6G high speed HD production camera. Developed for super slow motion applications and capable of 3x speed 1080-line HD operation, Hitachi has brought to market the first 6Gbps, fully digital optical transmission system in an HDTV production camera. Reflecting its specialist development programme, Hitachi's new super slow motion camera offers superior signal to noise performance to rival cameras when operating at normal and 3x speed.

The camera's use of 6Gbps data transmission contrasts with competitive systems, which all use 10Gbps transmission. Hitachi's implementation of 6Gbps transmission technology significantly extends the maximum cable length possible between camera head and control unit, by around 4000m.

The SK-HD1500 represents Hitachi's most accurate transport available for the 1080-line 150/180 images from the camera head to the camera control unit. All command audio and video signals to and from the camera are digitally transmitted hence, totally immune to EMI/ RFI interference.

The SK-HD1500 incorporates an additional 1.5G HD video channel from the camera head to the Camera Control Unit (CCU) forming a second camera channel. 1080i/720p/480i/576i outputs are offered as standard.

Each essential part of the Hitachi SK-HD1500 camera system has its own DSP processor. Different DSP ICs are used independently for the HDTV camera head processing, the transmission system and the Camera Control Unit (CCU) processing. The new, power-efficient Digital Signal Processor LSI’s are designed under the 40nm rule with dynamic processing capability in excess of 38-bits per pixel, per RGB channel.

Hitachi’s DSP processors are designed to easily manage the higher bandwidth of progressive readout HDTV sensors. The increased dynamic headroom of the SK-HD1500, allows faithful reproduction of even the most contrasting images. An outstanding overall signal-to-noise ratio is achieved by using Hitachi’s proprietary low-noise circuit technology without needing to resort to noise filtering methods. Even at high gain, clear images are obtained with little noise.

• 3 x IT-CCD 2/3'', 2.3 Mpixel, 1080/150i/1080i native scan
• Bayonet lens mount
• 16 : 9 format
• >1100 TV lines of HDTV resolution
• 16 bit A/D converters
• S / N ratio:58dB 1080i 50/60
• 54dB: 1080i 150/180 (High speed x3)
• Depth of modulation: 60% (1080p) at 27,5 MHz
• Sensitivity: F9 at 2000lx (1080i/150), F8 at 2000lx (1080i/180)
• (using 3200K, 89.9% reflectance)
• Motorized and remotely controlled optical filters:
• SK-HD1500E:
• 1 x motorized optical filter wheel (1.Clear / 2.Cross, 3:1/16ND, 4:1/64ND),
• ECC: 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, 6300K, 8000K,
• optional ECC (1): 3200K, 5600K, 7500K, AWC (auto white balance - continuously)
• SK-HD1500(S2):
• 2 x motorized optical filter wheel (ND, CC w/5 filter positions each)
• Mass: 4.7kg, camera head and adaptor (without VF)
• Power consumption: 42W camera head and adaptor (without VF)
• DC Out: 12V/1A (camera adapter)
• AC Out: 220V/100W (camera adapter)
• Trunk data: RS-422 or RS-232C (option), trunk video HD-SDI (option)
• CCU multi format outputs:
• 1080i/720p/480i/579i/50/60
• 1080i/720p/150/180 (3x speed), inputs: 2 separate 6 digital return channel A(1/2/3/4) B(1/2)


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