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Fujinon UA80x9BESM 4K Lens

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The FUJIFILM flagship UA Series of 4K 2/3” lenses is the world-first for Ultra HD Broadcast applications. The UA80x9 delivers outstanding 4K+ optical quality which is a hallmark FUJINON “ZK series” of cine lenses. The optical quality is based on large diameter aspherical elements designed by their latest optical simulation system. Also, the lens achieves 4K+ UHD optical performance from centre to corner throughout the zoom range while suppressing image distortion due to a multi-group zoom system. Designed to produce the ultimate performance from today’s new 4K 2/3” Ultra HD cameras.

The UA80x9 employs the latest High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC) resulting in richer colours and greatly improved blue response and transmittance. HT-EBC, coupled with Fujifilm’s exclusive Aspheric Technology, reduces ghost and flare and increases light transmission. A proprietary anti-fogging design minimises lens fogging and reduces downtime due to moisture—a critical concern when shooting in all types of weather conditions.

The UA80x9 offers FUJINON’s DIGI POWER digital controls (featuring F number limit), Quick Zoom, two-shot presets, a 2X extender, and other precision digital functions increasing production flexibility. The UA80x9 features a patented image stabilisation technology OS-TECH, for rock-steady performance, which is especially critical for long-distance HD shots.

  • 9-720mm Zoom Lens for 2/3" Cameras
  • 16-Bit Encoders with Lens Data Output
  • 80x Zoom Ratio
  • Built-In 1.2x and 2x Extenders

Compatible Cameras  2/3" format
Focal Length

  • Normal (1x):  9-720mm
  • With 1.2x Extender: 10.8-864mm
  • With 2x Extender:  18-1440mm

Maximum Aperture

  • Normal (1x):  f/1.7 at 9-350mm / f/3.5 at 720mm
  • With 1.2x Extender:  f/2.0 at 10.8-420mm f/4.2 at 864mm

Zoom Range  80x
Extender   1.2x /2x
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.)  From Front of Lens: 12.1' (3.7 m)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D.

  • (16:9) Normal (1x):  At 9mm: 130 x 77.5" (3301 x 1968 mm)At 720mm: 1.7 x 0.9" (43 x 24 mm)
  • With 1.2x Extender:  At 10.8mm: 118.5 x 66.6" (3009 x 1692 mm) /At 864mm: 1.5 x 0.8" (37 x 21 mm)
  • With 2x Extender:  At 18mm: 71.5 x 40.2" (1816 x 1021 mm) At 1440mm: 0.9 x 0.5" (22 x 12 mm)

Angular Field of View (16:9)

  • Normal (1x):  At 9mm: 5°6' x 33°20' / At 730mm: 0°46' x 0°26'
  • With 1.2x Extender:  At 10.8mm: 47°53' x 28°0' / At 864mm: 0°38' x 0°21'
  • With 2x Extender:  At 18mm: 29°50' x 17°02' / At 1440mm: 0°23' x 0°13'

Dimensions (H x W x L)  10.2 x 10.4 x 24" (258 x 264 x 610 mm)
Weight  52 lb (23.5 kg)



On 31 October 2019, the four leading broadcast and production houses Gearhouse Broadcast, Hyperactive Broadcast, Input Media and Chief Entertainment owned by Gravity Media Group started trading under the brand name of ‘Gravity Media’. All Gravity Media companies around the world are making this transition and will now go to market as a single brand with a bold new look and purpose.

under 1 roof2

Gravity Media is a leading global provider of complex live broadcast facilities and production services to content owners, creators and distributors. We use the collective pull of our people and resources to capture, craft and create world-class content that inspires and excites.

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At the centre of Gravity Media lie three broad categories of expertise: media services & facilitiesproduction & content; and equipment rental & sales.

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