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Fujinon UA80x9BESM 4K Lens

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The FUJIFILM flagship UA Series of 4K 2/3” lenses is the world-first for Ultra HD Broadcast applications. The UA80x9 delivers outstanding 4K+ optical quality which is a hallmark FUJINON “ZK series” of cine lenses. The optical quality is based on large diameter aspherical elements designed by their latest optical simulation system. Also, the lens achieves 4K+ UHD optical performance from centre to corner throughout the zoom range while suppressing image distortion due to a multi-group zoom system. Designed to produce the ultimate performance from today’s new 4K 2/3” Ultra HD cameras.

The UA80x9 employs the latest High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC) resulting in richer colours and greatly improved blue response and transmittance. HT-EBC, coupled with Fujifilm’s exclusive Aspheric Technology, reduces ghost and flare and increases light transmission. A proprietary anti-fogging design minimises lens fogging and reduces downtime due to moisture—a critical concern when shooting in all types of weather conditions.

The UA80x9 offers FUJINON’s DIGI POWER digital controls (featuring F number limit), Quick Zoom, two-shot presets, a 2X extender, and other precision digital functions increasing production flexibility. The UA80x9 features a patented image stabilisation technology OS-TECH, for rock-steady performance, which is especially critical for long-distance HD shots.

  • 9-720mm Zoom Lens for 2/3" Cameras
  • 16-Bit Encoders with Lens Data Output
  • 80x Zoom Ratio
  • Built-In 1.2x and 2x Extenders

Compatible Cameras  2/3" format
Focal Length

  • Normal (1x):  9-720mm
  • With 1.2x Extender: 10.8-864mm
  • With 2x Extender:  18-1440mm

Maximum Aperture

  • Normal (1x):  f/1.7 at 9-350mm / f/3.5 at 720mm
  • With 1.2x Extender:  f/2.0 at 10.8-420mm f/4.2 at 864mm

Zoom Range  80x
Extender   1.2x /2x
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.)  From Front of Lens: 12.1' (3.7 m)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D.

  • (16:9) Normal (1x):  At 9mm: 130 x 77.5" (3301 x 1968 mm)At 720mm: 1.7 x 0.9" (43 x 24 mm)
  • With 1.2x Extender:  At 10.8mm: 118.5 x 66.6" (3009 x 1692 mm) /At 864mm: 1.5 x 0.8" (37 x 21 mm)
  • With 2x Extender:  At 18mm: 71.5 x 40.2" (1816 x 1021 mm) At 1440mm: 0.9 x 0.5" (22 x 12 mm)

Angular Field of View (16:9)

  • Normal (1x):  At 9mm: 5°6' x 33°20' / At 730mm: 0°46' x 0°26'
  • With 1.2x Extender:  At 10.8mm: 47°53' x 28°0' / At 864mm: 0°38' x 0°21'
  • With 2x Extender:  At 18mm: 29°50' x 17°02' / At 1440mm: 0°23' x 0°13'

Dimensions (H x W x L)  10.2 x 10.4 x 24" (258 x 264 x 610 mm)
Weight  52 lb (23.5 kg)