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Fujinon UA14x4.5BE 4K Lens

Brand: Fujinon

Product code: Fujinon UA14x4.5BE

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Ultra-wide 4.5mm to 63mm (14x zoom) with 4K optical performance in a compact lightweight package

UA14x4.5 covers the ultra wide angle focal length of 4.5mm despite its compact body, measuring just 238.5mm, allowing you to go up close and personal during live sports  coverage or on-location production with a real sense of depth.

  • Advanced optical performance with 4K compatibility across the zoom range
  • Achieving natural bokeh with the adoption of nine aperture blades
  • Compact and lightweight body, measuring 238.5mm
  • 4K image quality in a variety of situations
  • Controlling distortions and aberrations at edges



Model Name UA14x4.5BE

Camera specifications 2/3-inch sensor Bayonet-mount cameras

Focal length 1x 4.5mm - 63mm

Focal length 2x 9mm - 126mm

Zoom ratio 14x

Extender 2x

Maximum aperture radio 1:1.8 (4.5mm - 41mm) 1:2.8 (63mm)

Minimum object distance (M.O.D) from the front lens element 0.3m

Subject dimensions (at the M.O.D) [Horizontal x Vertical] 1x  4.5mm   744mm x 418mm
                                                                                                          63mm   51mm x 29mm

Subject dimensions (at the M.O.D) [Horizontal x Vertical] 2x  9mm   365mm x 205mm
                                                                                                          126mm   27mm x 15mm

Angle of view [Horizontal x Vertical] 1x 4.5mm   93.6° x 61.8°
                                                                     63mm   8.7° x 4.9°

Angle of view [Horizontal x Vertical] 2x 9mm   56.1° x 33.3°
                                                                     126mm   4.4° x 2.5°

Filter thread size M127 x 0.75 (A filter is to be attached to the lens hood.)

Dimensions (approx.) Φ95 x 238.5mm (Φ x Full length)

Weight (approx.) 2.21kg (without the lens hood)