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Fujinon UA13x4.5BERD 4K Lens

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The Fujinon UA13x4.5BERD - the new Ultra High Definition wide angle zoom lens with versatile performance and compact dimensions.

With a wide angle of view, over 93.6 degrees at 4.5 mm, the UA13x4.5 is the Ultra HD wide angle lens for all Ultra HD broadcast news, sports and field production applications in UHD & 4K

The UA13x4.5 is equipped with internal focusing and designed using the exclusive Fujinon GO-Technology, which optimises all optical features of the lens. The latest glass materials with high refractive indexes and ultra-low dispersion are used to achieve these objectives. Excellent ramping characteristics combined with minimal ghosting and flare, reduced pumping, minimised longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations and high MTF values provide for a standard lens which is the match for all applications. The UA20x is a compact, light-weight telephoto zoom lens, bringing the long zoom range & wide selection of shots back to UHD & 4K productions. This high performance lens gives UHD operators the same flexibility that is expected from HD lenses.

A new 9 blade iris creates a natural bokeh, making the lens a good option for drama productions too.

Fujinon's renowned Digi Power servo is fitted as standard with built-in zoom, focus and iris servos. RS232 control is available as standard, with 16-bit servos for robotic controls.

  • Zoom lens for 2/3" cameras, with 4.5-59mm standard range and 9-188mm with 2x extender
  • 13x zoom ratio with built-in 2x extender
  • Higher than 4K-compatible resolution is maintained at wide end and to the periphery of the image
  • Fast f/1.8 maximum aperture at 4.5-41mm and f/2.6 at 59mm
  • Digital servo for focus and zoom, 16-bit encoders for use with virtual systems
  • The QuickZoom feature zooms into the telephoto end with one push for focus checking

Mount  Bayonet
Image Format  2/3"
Resolution  4K+ compatible
Focal Length  Normal 4.5-59mm / With 2 x Extender 9mm-118mm
Zoom Ratio  13 x
Extender  2x
Maximum Aperture  4.5-41mm: f/1.8 / 59mm: f/2.6 
M.O.D. From Image Plane  3.51' (1.07 m)
M.O.D. from Front of Lens 1' (0.3 m)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. (16:9)

  • Normal  4.5mm: 29.3 x 16.5" (744 x 418 mm) / 59mm: 2.1 x 1.2" (54 x 30 mm)
  • With 2 x Extender  9mm: 14.4 x 8.1" (367 x 206 mm) 118mm: 1.1 x 0.6" (28 x 16 mm)

Angular Field of View (16:9)

  • Normal  4.5mm: 93°38' x 61°50' / 59mm: 9°18' x 5°14'
  • With 2 x Extender  9mm: 56°06' x 33°20' / 118mm: 4°39' x 2°37'

Iris Blades  Nine
Filter Thread  M127 x 0.75
Dimensions (Ø x L)  Without lens hood: 4.3 x 9.5" (110 x 241.5 mm)
Weight  Without lens hood: 5.03 lb (2.28 kg)

  • Download fflenses 4KPremier UA catalog (2.1 MB pdf)