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XTAccess delivers a robust chassis designed to allow faster-than-real-time transfers and transcoding, in a reliable EVS form factor.  As a core engineer to Xsquare of processing, XTAccess allows you to build media workflows and conversion that enable the speed of today’s live production with the flexibility to grow Built for reliability, XTAccess hardware comes with dual power supplies and onboard support for multi-network design and high bandwidth file exchange networking demanding 10Gbps and teamed port installations.  In cases where a direct connect storage is needed, XTAccess hardware offers USB3.0 and eSATA connections natively on the chassis. The engine relies on the onboard RAID 1 operating system design to ensure your operations never fail.


When your facility is mobile like an OB production truck, XTAccess was built to meet the demands of your operations like an EVS chassis should. Don’t worry about the backbone of file transfers with the strength of an EVS built platform.


Built to be rack and stacked, but managed from a single interface, the XTAccess hardware is perfect to start small, and grow with you facility as it expands.


XTAccess lets you tackle the demands of live operations, with some of the most performant transcodes and operations of media file transfers today. Whether you are converting between Intraframe production codecs, generating distribution files in a Long GOP codec, or managing a workflow that has to manage multiple destinations at the same time with transcode, XTAccess gives you the speed.

  • Dual Hexa Core CPU at 2.2GHz with HyperThreading
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2x 250GB (SATA, 2.5”) for operating system - RAID 1
  • Windows 7 Pro (64 bits)
  • Optional
  • XTA-ESATA : 4x eSATA ports
  • XTA-USB3 : 2x USB3 ports
  • XTA-2G : 2x 1GbE ports
  • XTA-10G-RJ45 : 2x 10GbE ports (RJ45)
  • XTA-10G-SFP+ : 2x 10GbE ports (SFP+, modules not included)