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XHub3 is the ultimate high-bandwidth media sharing network of the XNet2 hub system. XHub3 allows multiple XT3 and XSproduction and playout servers to be interconnected through a central hub offering a bandwidth of up to 1.5 Gb/s. In a live/near-live production network environment, XHub3 gives a maximum network configuration security, removing any risk of cascade failure. XHub3 is also a network monitoring controller which reports overall network conditions at any moment (server connection to XNet2 network, bandwidth status).

  • Simple Setup - XHub3 provides one of the simplest networking setups imaginable, with a plug and play install and the ability to host up to a total of 29 EVS servers in a single XNet setup.
  • Network Confidence - Don’t waste time with extra network complexity, get your live production off to the content sharing it needs.  The XHub3 provides a confident network connection and expansion that has served OB Production Trucks and Live centers for years.
  • Status Monitoring - Direct confidence that your network is working is a need in today’s live production systems.  XHub3 gives you direct visibility of an EVS servers status and activity on the XNet2 Network.
  • 1 Rack Unit Hardware
  • 8x In/Out SDTI connections per unit
  • USB2 upgrade access port
  • 8x Branch LED status ports
  • Network role switch
  • Redundant power supplies