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EVS IPDirector Content Management System

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The IPDirector content management system provides instant access to and efficient control of EVS server live video content.

IPDirector is a content management system that allows you to start small and scale to large-scale productions. With the power of a central database and search engine, IPDirector enables your production team with access to the best content. Through a series of modules and client applications, IPDirector provides flexible and expandable production tools for every user, and was built to meets the demands of live production.

Ingest & Playout Control

Built on the reliability of EVS live production servers, IPDirector brings a flexible user interface and multi-user access controls to the live production centre operations. It gives teams the ability to schedule ingests or create ad-hoc media from the perpetual loop recording engine.

Modular Design with Floating Licenses

Built to adapt to the production’s needs, IPDirector sits on a central database. This allows you to easily manage today’s production while planning for tomorrow’s extended requirements. Through a series of floating licenses, you can easily add user workstations and integrated plugins for your editors to access content and participate in production decisions. The floating licenses are specialised per application allowing high flexibility and availability to access the production content.

Managed File Workflows

Live productions require users to make quick decisions but deciding which technical hardware will execute a task shouldn’t be one of them. Using the integrated capabilities of EVS Ingest Funnel and XSquare, IPDirector lets users focus on creativity and not on technical workflows.

Metadata & Logging

When dealing with live content, simple media labels don’t suffice. IPDirector allows your facility to implement flexible metadata profiles that fit your business. This gives you simple control and the ability to search for content. IPDirector’s logging functions allow users to apply manually-entered or external data to content and easily search it. This is integral to meet the demands of a live production.

Browsing Tools for every member

Today’s productions demand content to be delivered directly to the user – no matter where they are. IPDirector is built with a host of browsing interfaces that give those users instant access to content. This can be on an IPDirector hardware workstation, on a user’s own desktop, inside an editing application or even to an offsite user working from home accessing via web interface.

  • Windows & web based user applications
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • Flexible license models
  • Central database servers
  • Web clients
  • Production & browsing tools
  • Integrated Hardware Workstations
  • 1U workstation
  • 2U high performance workstation
  • IPLink integrated plug-ins for NLE Editors
  • MOS Object protocal for NRCS integration