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Canon XJ27 HD Box Lens

Canon XJ27 HD Box Lens

Brand: Canon


Canon XJ27 HD Box Lens
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A high performance HD Studio Lens, the DIGISUPER features Canon’s Power Optical System with Internal Focus plus a precision digital servo system for unsurpassed studio imaging.

  • Power Optical System
  • Internal focus
  • Precision digital servo system
  • Constant Angle Focusing System; 32-bit CPU
  • Robust ergonomic design
  • Ecological design
  • Crossover technology options; 4-position turret

Power Optical System

Canon’s Power Optical System is designed for unsurpassed studio imaging with pristine results. It includes advanced materials and multilayer coatings and delivers minimal distortion, even at 6.5mm, as well as significantly reduced ghosting and flare. Optional wide attachment also available.

Internal Focus

Internal Focus uses a floating optical system to control chromatic aberrations. It allows operators to achieve wide-angle with reduced distortion and minimises variation of the centre of gravity while focusing.

Precision Digital Servo System

A digital servo system uses Canon-developed 16-bit optical rotary encoder devices to ensure precision control and repeatability of zoom and focus settings. The system allows for digital interface to Robotic and Virtual studio systems. 10-bit Iris Compatibility ensures high-resolution iris control.

Constant Angle Focusing System (CAFS)

CAFS uses a 32-bit CPU to eliminate focus "breathing". It calculates focus changes and synchronises the zoom to counteract picture size/angle of view changes when focusing.

Robust ergonomic design

The lens is ergonomically designed to eliminate centre-of-gravity variations with focus movement. Sealed optics offers protection against dust and smoke, while innovative electrical sealing techniques protect against radio interference.

Ecological Design

All contemporary Canon lens systems are free of lead and other substances identified as harmful to the environment.

Crossover Technology Options; 4-Position Turret

A crossover system allows use of the associated camera to switch in the optical extender system or change the aspect ratio between 16:9 and 4:3. 4-position turret includes spare switch positions.