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Canon UJ111x8.3B UHD Super Box Lens

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A versatile, fully featured 4K Premium field lens

This versatile 4K Premium field lens can be used in a wide variety of broadcast situations and boasts an image stabilised 111x zoom offering an 8.3-925mm focal length which can be doubled to 1850mm with its built in 2x extender.

A versatile 4K Premium field lens - Boasting a 111x zoom, the lens is ideal for a wide variety of outdoor broadcast situations thanks to advanced optical engineering and a generous use of fluorite and UD glass.

Shake-free 4K Premium images, even with image stabilisation - This lens features the best of Canon’s optical and servo technologies to stabilise your footage and maintain 4K Premium performance, even with image stabilisation engaged.

Impressive optical performance - 4K Premium resolution and high contrast are sustained uniformly from the centre to the edge of the image thanks to Canon’s proprietary optical design technologies.

Superb operability and reliability - Great results are easy to achieve, thanks to the lens’ intelligent design. Canon’s accurate focus demands enable the operator to keep subjects in focus at all times.

Full support for virtual systems - The lens supports a wide range of virtual interfaces for acquiring positional information via either serial communication or output from the 16-bit high-resolution encoder.



Focal Length


(with Extender

Zoom ratio


Maximum Relative Aperture (F number)

1.7 at (8.3-340 mm) 
4.65 at (925 mm) 

(with Extender
3.4 at (16.6-680 mm) 
9.3 at (1850 mm)

Angular Field of View

60.1°x 36.0° (8.3mm) 
0.59°x 0.33° (925mm) 

(with Extender
32.3°x 18.5° (16.6mm) 
0.30°x 0.17° (1850mm)


3.0 m*

Shooting Range at M.O.D

311.6x175.3cm* (8.3 mm) 
2.9x1.6cm (925 mm) 

(with Extender
155.8x87.7cm* (16.6 mm) 
1.5x0.8cm (1850 mm)

Approx. Size* (W X H X L)

approx. 9.9 x 10.1 x 25.1 in./approx. 250.6 x 255.5 x 637.4 mm

Approx. Weight

approx. 58.6 lbs / 26.6 kg