Lawo V_link4

V_link4 – the way to transport production-quality video over IP networks. It is designed to provide a one-box-solution for all the requirements of IP-based stage boxes including video and audio signal transport and processing. It includes everything from Video-over-IP coding to various monitoring and processing tools. All designed for one purpose which is to provide a tool that increases the flexibility of any broadcast application, while saving valuable rack-space, set-up time and production costs.

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Lawo V_link4


The Lawo V_link4 provides four 3G / HD/ SD SDI inputs and four 3G / HD / SD SDI outputs for interfacing to external video equipment. The device is designed to convert these signals into IP streams and vice versa. These streams can be transported via standard Layer 3 IP LAN environments. V_link4 provides parallel encoding and de-coding in RAW or VC-2 (DiracPro) for local production and parallel encoding in MJPEG for low-latency monitoring applications. The IP-based approach allows easy signal routing via Lawo’s VSM control and monitoring system or via other external master control systems. No rewiring is needed as long as all devices are connected to the network. Since the device is based on a real network technology with multi-cast capability, it allows easy transmission of signals to multiple outputs within the network.

The V_link4’s coding engines are designed to meet the highest demands in video quality and signal transport reliability. Port redundancy with SMPTE2022-7 compliant hitless merge switching ensures signal availability and quality. Format and quality of the IP video streams can be configured individually to meet the optimal ratio between picture quality, latency and bandwidth. The 6 Ethernet ports are connected to an internal switch allowing to “tunnel” through the 10GBit any IP traffic such as camera control, RAVENNA streams or even office and internet IP traffic.

Supported video transport modes:

  • Raw mode for transparent transport of uncompressed, full production quality video with the lowest latency. SMPTE 2022-6** compatible. Full code stream bit rates: HD 1.5 Gbps, 3G 2.97 Gbps
  • Ultra low latency mode for transporting production quality video with ultra low latency VC-2 (DiracPro) Codec,  end-to-end delay incl. encoding and de-coding < 32 video lines
  • MJPEG mode for monitoring and IP-TV applications. MJPEG Encoder, full code stream bit rates typ. 60 Mbps, end-to-end delay with V__view_app < 3 frames.
  • Full support of source-timed frame accurate switching of SMPTE2022-6 video*
  • Full support of the AIMS roadmap
Lawo V_link4


  • Video Signal Input/Output: 4x 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs via BNC connector, 4x 3G/HD/SD-SDI outputs via BNC connector, 1x 3G/1080i MV/QS output via BNC, DisplayPort for local MV/QS monitoring
  • Video Reference Signal Input/Output: BB/Tri-Level, Loop thru, BB/Tri-Level output via BNC connector, IP
  • Video Standards:
    2.97Gbps Video Standards (1080p):
    1080p 60Hz SMPTE-424M, 425M Level A & Level B
    1080p 59.94Hz SMPTE-424M, 425M Level A & Level B
    1080p 50Hz SMPTE-424M, 425M Level A & Level B
    1.485Gbps Video Standards (HD):
    1080i 60Hz SMPTE-274M(4),-292M(D)
    1080i 59.94Hz SMPTE-274M(5),-292M(E)
    1080i 50Hz SMPTE-274M(6),-292M(F)
    1080p 30/29.97/25/24/23.976sf
    1080p 30Hz SMPTE-274M(7)-292M(G)
    1080p 29.97Hz SMPTE-274M(8)-292M(H)
    1080p 25Hz SMPTE-274M(9)-292M(I)
    1080p 24Hz SMPTE-274M(10)-292M(J)
    1080p 23.976Hz SMPTE-274M(11)-292M(K)
    720p 60Hz SMPTE-296M(1),-292M(L)
    720p 59.94Hz SMPTE-296M(2),-292M(M)
    720p 50Hz SMPTE-296M(2),-292M(M)
    270Mbps Video Standards (SD):
    576i 16:9 and 4:3 SMPTE-259M(C)
    480i 16:9 and 4:3 SMPTE-259M(C)
  • Video Reference: Analog Genlock High definition tri-level sync SMPTE-274M/296M or SD 1V BB SMPTE-170M/318M, or SDI or IP-VideoStream, IEEE1588 PTPv2+RefMaster (SMPTE2059)
  • Return Loss: SD: >15dB; HD: > 15dB; 3G-HD: >15dB 5MHz-1.485GHz, >10dB 1.485GHz-2.97GH
  • Cable Length: SD: >350m (using Belden1694A),
    HD: >180m (using Belden 1694A),
    3G-HD: >120m (using Belden1694A)
  • Video Resolution: 10 bit 4:2.2
Lawo V_link4