The sport of bowls – be that crown green, lawn or indoor – is perhaps more popular than you think. It’s played by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, is one of the core sports at each edition of the Commonwealth Games, and has annual World Championships for both indoor and outdoor formats that attract millions of TV viewers worldwide.  

Gravity Media is a proud supporter of the sport – most notably in the UK. Although its origins trace back to Ancient Greece, bowls has been around in the UK since the 13th century and it’s perceived by many as a quintessentially British sport. Over the past few years, we’ve been delighted to work with national broadcasters BBC and ITV to cover both the World Indoor Bowls Championships and the historic Waterloo Crown Green Bowls tournament.


A key part of our creative offering for both these elite tournaments has been to revitalise and modernise the core match coverage for the television audience, and to build the characters and recognition of the players. For the World Indoor Championships, we dispensed with the traditional use of hot-head cameras fixed in the arena ceiling, instead installing long-arm jibs. This offers a wide variety of coverage options, and allows for interesting angles and precise overhead shots showing which player is nearest the jack.

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The Waterloo Crown Green Bowls tournament has also been re-invigorated by our broadcast strategy and tournament staging for ITV. Overhead jibs and a remote-controlled mini-camera replace the traditional six-camera OB coverage, and immersive wraparound programmes and player profiles are equally significant in terms of the sport’s editorial development. Well-crafted features have been successful at developing wider interest in the sport of bowls and its best players, and we’ve also helped forged new pathways to introduce the sport to a much wider audience via numerous digital platforms.

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