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One of the most universally popular television formats of the past few years is reality TV. Psychologists suggest this popularity stems from it providing viewers with temporary relief from their own lives; a form of escapism perhaps. Other viewers simply enjoy people-watching, witnessing the stars learn new skills, show off their success or just interact with others. Whatever the reason, reality TV is here to stay, and it’s one of the television formats that really play to our strengths.

As with many of the other markets we support, we started out in reality TV by hiring out broadcast and production kit, from where we developed a deep understanding of what producers and broadcasters truly need from equipment and service providers. We’re now fortunate to have people on the team who have worked with the very best producers in this field, supporting projects that have successful franchises all around the world: I’m A Celebrity, The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Love Island, First Dates, The Island with Bear Grylls, to name but a few.

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Our renowned ability to supply exactly the right broadcast equipment, production resources and post-production facilities for each job means we’re very often the supplier of choice to support reality TV programming wherever in the world it may be filmed. Our versatile flypacks, outside broadcast vehicles, specialty cameras, live workflow services and event communications solutions are particularly key to the success of each production – as is the project management support that we invariably supply too.

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Our reality TV flypack is suitable for deployment to the most hostile parts of the world, from the jungles of Australia to the hills of north Wales. It supports a full range of discreet specialist cameras that get the viewer as close as possible to the unfolding drama, as well as enabling large-scale post-production and ingest requirements, supporting all editing and media management needs. It also enables all programming stream cuts plus integration with all leading social media platforms. 

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