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At Gravity Media, we’re involved in all forms of programme making. From supplying all the necessary equipment through to post-production work and solving the trickiest of broadcast challenges, we’re there for our clients at every stage of the programme lifecycle. Although we’re perhaps best known for our live sports broadcasting activity, our expertise extends to many other genres, including TV drama, film, documentary and other factual content. News coverage is a fundamental part of that. We’re also renowned for our ability to build and integrate studios, post-production environments, and other broadcast facilities to the very highest standards.

As providers of high-quality broadcast equipment, production facilities and project management services, our expertise really comes its own when supporting current affairs agencies and broadcasters. We have a wealth of experience working on high-profile live media events, which, when coupled with our innovation, industry knowledge and flexibility, truly gives us an edge.

Two significant recent projects help to highlight the full scope of our services to news broadcasters and associated companies: one, coverage of a tragic event in France that shocked the world; and the other, our work to install permanent infrastructure at an international news organisation based in Qatar.

al jazeera studio2

In 2015, more than a million people packed the streets of Paris after the horrendous attack on Charlie Hebdo’s editorial offices. Television news crews scrambled to cover the scenes of collective grief and unified defiance. French broadcaster M6 and the 24-hour television news channel BFM TV were among many networks racing to secure a good position from which to cover the much-publicised march. They needed the right kit for the job, and quickly, and knew Gravity Media was best-placed to deploy the essential RF ENG (Radio Frequency Electronic News Gathering) kits that would not be affected by interference from other links competing for spectrum space. We delivered against the brief immediately and effectively, using kits that included wireless cameras, intercoms units, in-ear monitors and the best radio microphones on the market.

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Al Jazeera, a news TV broadcaster headquartered in Doha, required a much-needed upgrade to one of its studio control rooms where the equipment had become obsolete. The broadcaster reaches over 310 million households worldwide, and with quality and continuity of news service key to maintaining its enviable international reputation, new and robust hardware was essential. Using Gravity Media’s in-depth systems integration and technical broadcasting knowledge, our team completed the upgrade with carefully selected kit judged best to balance reliability, future-proofing and cost-effectiveness. The project went without a hitch and with no interruption to Al Jazeera’s normal broadcasting service.

al jazeera studio 2
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al jazeera studio