Broadcasters are some of our most demanding clients – and rightly so. Their viewers expect nothing but the best: high-quality content across the whole broadcast spectrum, covering sport, drama, reality, news and more.

When working for broadcasters we’re in our element. We pride ourselves on being able to take on any project or production challenge, no matter what the location or production environment. We can do this by expertly blending over 30 years’ industry experience with a flair for innovative solutions and an unswerving commitment to exemplary client service.

And we’re always looking to improve, whether that’s through the use of emerging technology or simply through better ways of working and problem-solving, so that our reputation for flawless execution, deep technical expertise and efficient delivery remains firmly in place. At the heart of that reputation is the breadth and depth of our capability, coupled to our relentless pursuit of the optimum solution to every broadcast challenge – optimum in terms of technical innovation, fit for purpose, ease of management, and cost.

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Gravity Media’s state-of-the-art Production Centres provide broadcast and other clients with full-service production capability, including full live remote production, live streams, social media clips, rolling edits and expertly crafted highlights. We’re set up for flexible production solutions configured for multi-platform delivery, with HD studios, production galleries, and a powerful asset management system. Our versatile post-production facilities offer full end-to-end 4K production workflow, colour grading, motion graphics and more. On the road, our systems integration teams install and maintain temporary or permanent studio facilities for clients, as well as offer managed services where we both build and run our clients’ broadcast setup, allowing them to focus entirely on the business of programming and broadcasting while we take care of the underlying infrastructure.

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We’re also the experts in establishing production and broadcast facilities on the move. Our mobile production units and flypacks enable high-quality, glitch-free production in hard-to-reach places or for events that are truly global, moving constantly across continents. And we’re pioneers of remote production solutions, where the camera signals and audio feeds captured by small onsite teams are transmitted back to our Production Centres for integration; operationally flexible, modern and durable workflow solutions that reduce onsite costs and that are increasingly being used for major event coverage – notably Grand Slam tennis and top-flight football.

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