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At Gravity Media, an important and growing area of our work is production support for product and service launches. This type of assignment ranges from filming creative product videos, to full live-event production at exhibition centres and conference venues. Live or recorded, these productions are no different to all the other projects we support, with clients looking to create world-class content that informs and excites. The final output is always broadcast quality, and we work closely with event organisers and product managers to deliver experiences that are both professional and persuasive.

We have the kit, the people, the experience and the attention to detail to bring huge value to all types of product launch. The service you get is end-to-end, as we offer consultancy, planning and design through to pre-production, logistics and infrastructure. We have mobile units and flypacks to support any shape or size of shoot, and can also deliver hybrid or ‘at home’ production solutions, which are increasingly popular as we contend with Covid-19 restrictions. These resources translate into an ability to support any type of project, from full-scale outside broadcast solutions through to live-streamed virtual productions.

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For many of clients, our Production Centres in London, Manchester, San Francisco, Sydney and Melbourne are the place to be to create this type of content. We support businesses through the entirety of the production process, from storyboarding and creative development, through to post-production and media management. 

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We offer studios, galleries and control rooms, a comprehensive range of ancillary facilities such as makeup and green rooms, and as much technical and production crew as you’ll ever need. Our personnel who specialise in this work include DOPs, location directors, producers, camera operators and sound recordists, and our services include audio-post, motion GFX, encoding, transmission and distribution.

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