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At Gravity Media we’re world-renowned for our broadcasting and production capability, as well as our experience in supplying and fitting out studio, production and broadcast infrastructure. As with other markets that rely on engaging content that’s beautifully curated, presented and delivered, the education sector needs high-end yet cost-effective and future-proofed facilities, equipment and expertise to deliver on its mission.

Today’s students expect programming and online experiences to rival what they receive from mainstream TV, film and streamed content, so it’s no surprise that educational providers and institutions turn to us when they have mission-critical projects to fulfil. Our involvement in the education market goes back many years, and includes bespoke broadcast activity and infrastructure projects. We’re both pleased and proud to be a part of shaping our young people’s futures.  

Completion of National Film School MX 7
LSE Studios 232

Among the many clients we’ve supported are technology institutes, national film schools, Departments of Education and broadcast companies. We’ve built studios, edit suites, production galleries, audio control rooms and more, handling everything from planning and project management to design, installation, technical support and training. And if we’re not installing the infrastructure itself, we’re helping broadcast educational events as diverse as the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and the New South Wales Schools Spectacular.  

Christmas lectures
schools spec remixed 2022
Schools Spectacular
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Outside broadcast services invariably involve one or more of our mobile production units, which allow us to deliver multicamera packages complemented by live workflow solutions and specialist equipment such as Spidercam and POV units. We also deliver fast-turnaround post-production support that keeps up with the pace of any live broadcast, keeping audiences engaged and producers happy.

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