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A fast-growing segment of our work involves partnering with clients that have production and broadcast needs, but whose primary business isn’t content production. That could be a company, an ad agency, a charity, a government department – essentially any organisation that doesn’t specifically focus on production itself.

Projects range from TV commercials and branded content, to vignettes, social media clips, internal presentations, webinars, animations and more. We work on location – e.g. live-streaming corporate summits – or from our networked Production Centres – e.g. filming educational videos in one of our studios ‒ and options include full onsite production, or our increasingly popular hybrid and remote production solutions.

For many of our corporate and commercial clients, our full-service Production Centres in London, Manchester, San Francisco, Sydney and Melbourne are what gives Gravity Media the edge. We support businesses through the entirety of the production process, from planning, storyboarding and creative development, through to shooting, post-production and media management. We offer studios, galleries and control rooms, a comprehensive range of ancillary facilities such as makeup and green rooms, and of course as much technical and production crew as you’ll ever need.

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We also have a full range of services for clients with their own facilities: permanent infrastructure builds and upgrades; studio management (where we supply the kit); facilities management (where we supply and maintain the kit, and also supply personnel); or even managed services, where we do all of the above and oversee content production too.

At either end of this spectrum of needs, the approach we take is the same: understand our client’s needs so thoroughly that we’re regarded as part of their team; plan meticulously, so that risks are covered and outcomes secured; put the best people on the job in hand; subscribe to the very highest standards of quality control; be innovative where this helps to achieve the solution required; and deliver on time and to budget, with no surprises. That’s what our business clients expect, and that’s what they get.

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Take our approach to the upgrade of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) studio facility, which LSE uses for its own production needs and for external clients. We delivered innovative and flexible solutions on this project that have proved to be both unfailingly reliable and cost-effective. As an added bonus, to mitigate supplier delays, we were able to supplement the installation with equipment from our own inventory. The project was delivered on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to LSE’s operations.

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