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Saul Shtein

Team Stories

1. What is your favourite part / proudest moment at Gravity Media?
The Tokyo Olympics, finding solutions during Covid travel restrictions and utilising concurrent, live facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo and London displayed the talent, experience and teamwork at Gravity Media.

2. What motivates you at work?
The variety of projects, the constantly evolving technology and working with the best people in media production

3. A tip for someone starting out in the broadcast / tech industry?
Microphones are ALWAYS live.

4. Favourite sport / team / film / tv programme? It doesn’t matter if it is Super Bowl or Bog Snorkelling, any sport played at a high level/ Sydney Roosters NRL team/Repo Man/Curb Your Enthusiasm (in particular, the episode with Michael J Fox)

5. What makes great live TV? With a live sport telecast, capturing the story and emotion of the event. Not just with the vision, but also with the many other elements including the commentary, graphics, audio and pre-produced inserts. Plus, you get a very important bonus, as with a musical telecast…. You get the best seat in the house