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Linnea Edmeier

Team Stories
1. What is your favourite part / proudest moment at Gravity Media?

I’ve been proud to lead the Las Vegas operation from wiring and hiring, as I like to say. In February 2020, I arrived in the middle of the SI and set forth to hire and train a 12-person technical team. The goal was to be show ready in six weeks. We met our goal, but had to wait six months before we went on air. Two years later, our client ESPN’s coverage of the NFL Draft brought enough programming to Las Vegas for us to be on air 16 hours a day across linear, streaming and radio. My proudest moments are those when each person on our 13-person crew hits their mark and we get across the line as a team.

2. What motivates you at work?

The dynamic energy of the team and the city in which we work keeps me motivated to create the best environment for everyone to do their best work.

3. A tip for someone starting out in the broadcast / tech industry?

I have 2: 1. Always say yes to donuts. 2. Bring donuts your first day.

4. Favourite sport / team / film / tv programme?

Sport – tennis, rugby (I’ve been an athlete all my life – mountain biking, skiing, softball, soccer, running, tennis. I coach tennis when I can.) Team – local high school track team (because I coached them for a hot minute)

5. What makes great live TV?

The ability to give your audience a stronger connection to whatever it is that interests them. Be it a player, stats, gorgeous visuals or intimate sound, the skill to deliver for the audience makes for great live TV.