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Kevin Brugneaux

Team Stories

1. What is your favourite part / proudest moment at Gravity Media?

My proudest moment at Gravity Media was the arrival of our OB Van “Sirius” by far. The truck will allow us to face a number of new challenges and to further demonstrate our savoir-faire.


2. What motivates you at work?

The logistics department of our office is in full development and this is the reason why I joined the French team. I try to bring my experience and my professionalism so that everyone can work in good conditions. I aim to continue to grow the relationship with the technical department and the production department and I find that very motivating.


3. A tip for someone starting out in the broadcast / tech industry?

To be passionate and motivated.


4. Favourite sport / team / film / tv programme?

My favourite sport is football and especially the English Premier League – I support Liverpool FC. But I am hoping that PSG team will win the Champions League this year!

I  also watch a lot of sports like tennis or rugby.


5. What makes great live TV?

To have a Gravity Media team !