Gravity Media wraps up the 2021 Football Season

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It was a great end to 2021 as the Gravity Media team wrapped up the 2021 College Football season in the US.

Gravity Media deployed Mobile Unit Maestro to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the annual New Mexico Bowl at University Stadium where The University of Texas at El Paso played California State University, Fresno.

Maestro then made the trip from Albuquerque to Dallas, Texas for the annual Servpro First Responder Bowl where The Air Force Falcons played the Louisville Cardinals. The Falcons beat the Cardinals 31-28.

Our USA operation runs a fleet of mobile units equipped with the most advanced HD and 4K technology available. Positioned in key locations, we have a mobile unit for every occasion, from Sprinter-based vans to custom-built semis. Maestro features a full length curb-side expand to allow seating for eight in production and five in tape.

For both events, Gravity Media also provided a full production and technical crew of 41 people on site including all the logistical support, talent, and MU crew.

The team looks forward to an exciting 2022 NCAA college football season ahead!