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Gravity Media provides crew and technical support for World Cup broadcasters

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Ed Tischler, Gravity Media’s Managing Director and Edward Dowdall, Business Development Manager recently caught up with George Bevir at SVG Europe to discuss the services Gravity Media provided at the World Cup.

Gravity Media provided a host of services for a range of broadcasters at the World Cup, including technical support, production services and crew for the likes of FOX Sports, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, and Sky Sports.

“The World Cup in Doha has been a real chance for us to showcase the depth of our global Gravity Media turnkey services, as well as reinstating our presence and experience in Doha,” says Ed Tischler.

The Gravity Media team is now focused on planning for the 2023 calendar of upcoming events in the region, as Qatar will play host to the Asia Cup in January 2024 and FINA Swimming Championships in 2024.

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