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Gabe Christie

Team Stories

 1. What is your favourite part / proudest moment at Gravity Media?
My favourite aspect of life at Gravity Media is the fantastic team environment. Once a project has landed, the team jump in and works together to craft and create world-class production and content.

2. What motivates you at work?
Teamwork! I have always loved being involved in the production and creative process. Every project presents new challenges and I enjoy working with all parts of our business to find creative solutions. The deadlines can sometimes be tough, but it is important to maintain an element of fun and enjoy the journey with your teammates.

3. A tip for someone starting out in the broadcast / tech industry?
My recommendation is to try and involve yourself in all areas of production to gain a great understanding of the process. Ask questions, take every opportunity, stay positive and strap yourself in for the ride.

4. Favourite sport / team / film / tv programme?
I love to watch the gladiatorial battles at the Australian Open Tennis. I am totally exhausted by the end of a 5 setter!

5. What makes great live TV?
Excitement, emotion, drama, and a cracking production team who can capture it all.