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Fiona Burton

Team Stories
1. What is your favourite part at Gravity Media?

The new tech we get to play with. The industry has pivoted over the past couple years to cope with the demands of different ways of working and Gravity is really keen to test new ideas and work with vendors to develop the ever evolving workflows of our clients.

2. What motivates you at work?

The big motivating factor at Gravity for me is working with fantastic people to come up with workflow solutions together. I am relatively new in this niche of the industry and I love the can do attitude that permeates throughout.

3. A tip for someone starting out in the broadcast/ tech industry?

My biggest tip for someone starting out in the industry is to take all the opportunities to learn that come your way. Get involved, ask questions and tinker.

4. Favourite sport & TV programme?

My favourite sport from when I was a kid has always been the Summer Olympics. Since living in Europe I have a greater appreciation for the winter Olympics now too.

5. What makes great live TV?

The epitome of great live TV is watching close competition. The photo finish on the Olympic 100m final. The wheel to wheel racing of the F1 and the goal scored in the last few minutes of a game.