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Ed Tischler

Team Stories
1. What is your favourite part at Gravity Media?

I take a huge sense of pride in being part of the collective effort that goes towards the growth of Gravity Media. When we look at where we are now, and how everything has come together it makes me extremely proud to see what everyone has achieved.

2. What motivates you at work?

Teamwork and seeing it across all elements of our business. I am continually motivated by the enormous amount of success and achievement that takes place within Gravity Media, when it all comes together it’s a great feeling – and you realise what a powerful piece the Gravity Media difference is, and the place it occupies in the media industry.

3. A tip for someone starting out in the broadcast/ tech industry?

Say yes to as much as you can and grab every opportunity available! Keep yourself busy with as much variety and experience as possible, this will lay the foundation upon which you can build everything else.

4. Favourite sport & TV programme?

My favourite sport is football, I support the local football team where I grew up; Ipswich. My favourite TV programme is the TV Series: Fargo.

5. What makes great live TV?

The unexpected. People consume so much TV across a variety of different platforms, when you find something that takes you by surprise – people love it! Which is one of the reasons why sport is so great… due to the unpredictable outcome. When viewers have an expectation when they begin to watch something, when you get to the end and something changes, it’s something that stays with you for a long time.