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Claire Downey joins The Big Debate Panel at SVG Sports Delivery Forum


This year’s SVG Sports Delivery Forum took place virtually on Wednesday 13 July 2022. 

The virtual forum saw experts contribute and discuss the challenges and opportunities affecting the crucial part of the sports broadcasting chain, covering a range of topics from compression formats and disaster recovery, through security and latency, to 5G and the cloud.  

Claire Downey, Gravity Media’s Technical Producer joined the panel of transmission-focused executives from major sports broadcasters and federations to discuss live sports contribution and distribution issues facing the industry today. 

The panel addressed how their strategies and operations have evolved to date and how they see the industry changing in the future. Subjects included using the public internet; IP interconnectivity and remote contribution; 5G and mobile; the future of satellite; latency; disaster recovery; and more. 

You can now watch the whole event on-demand ( Registration is required to watch.