TV – Is It All About Sales?

“The killer app for TV is TV” said Madeleine Noland, president of the Advanced Television Systems Committee at a CES panel recently. Viewers want higher dynamic range, higher frame rate, enhanced audio and “filmmaker mode”, a setting that defines the color palette, contrast, aspect ratio and frame rate as the director envisioned. Lord help the viewer who stumbles into that control. 

The Consumer Technology Assoc predicts that 8K TV sales will grow by 30% in 2021 despite the fact that the US doesn’t transmit anything close to that. There is limited content available in even 4K, and it’s not possible in over the air, traditional broadcast or in cable transmission. 

Vendors are relying on upscaling to an 8K-ish picture – reportedly, as more data is pumped into the TV, the better the processor is said to work. Haven’t seen it and not so sure about the premise. 

What I do smell for sure is that manufacturers need something to sell. Samsung, LG Panasonic and Hisense are businesses, and they need the promote new displays on the regular. Stay tuned for miniLED, microLED, QNED, ULED and NEO QLED’s. Oh my gosh.