Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Commentary

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For the massive puzzle that was the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, one component that Gravity Media provided was commentary for the Seven Network coverage.  

This apparent simple connection through cables, signals, and technical equipment via Gravity Media’s studios and control rooms takes months of planning to ensure this link is not obstructed by the restrictions of time, distance, or the global pandemic. 

In addition to months of setting up this technical network, Gravity Media used rehearsals and consultation to fine tune the commentary studio schedules and positions in the days leading up to the first event. Each team has their own requirements for space, vision, and data to suit their own ways of working. 

To cover any situation arising from the ever-changing regulations regarding COVID-19 restrictions, commentary was provided from three primary sources: Tokyo, Melbourne, and Sydney.  

However, there were even more variations due to travel restrictions. For example, cycling commentator Phil Liggett who worked from The Production Centre in Chiswick in the UK was seamlessly integrated into RBC (Remote Broadcast Centre) OffTube Booth’s in Melbourne, Australia 

Liggett was able to watch live feeds of the track from Tokyo, along with his co-commentators, Scott McGrory and Anna Mears who were also watching the live feeds in Melbourne. With the ability to watch the same feeds and communicate with each other from separate locationstheir commentary was delivered together live on the Seven Network channelTo the viewers’ ears, they may as well have been seated side by side on location. 

All throughout the games, links between Melbourne, Sydney, and Tokyo were pushing audio and vision back and forth between studio hosts, venue hosts and commentators, all operating simultaneously. 

The amazing minds behind the technical expertise to set up these intricate facilities, along with the incredible management of commentary schedules across multiple locations with ever-changing event timetables is just another reason why Gravity Media is at the forefront of major broadcast solutions. 

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