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Gravity Media is more than our sports offerings; we can, in fact, be very entertaining.  

With three shows in America the USA under our entertainment umbrellathe team is busy helping our clients to keep their people safe and their productions on schedule in these most challenging of times with lockdowns and COVID-19 precautions entrenched into our workflows. 

Our magazine style show in the USA has recently been described by one dedicated viewer as, “Aa warm and light-hearted, familyoriented show that is great to wake up to. (The hosts) and their friends keep me laughing and entertained. This show truly gets me up and going every morning so I thank the producers.  I can’t imagine not waking up to this show. My family and I became hooked this past Christmas. I love how it’s actually something DIFFERENT than the norm. Comical, fun, and up-lifting.” 

Gravity Media also provides the broadcast equipment on two Viacom comedies designed for young audiences that air not just on American television but have had international versions in Latin America, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Denmark and Canada. Fun is fun in any language?