Studios available at The Production Center, San Francisco

Production Centre
USAThe Production CentreSan Francisco

Gravity Media recently launched The Production Center, San Francisco located in the SoMa district.

The Production Center in San Francisco is a modern and flexible production workspace. The facility is accommodated within Pac-12’s 75,000 sq ft (7,000 sq m) headquarters building, and comprises three purpose-built REMI TV production control rooms, two studio control rooms, a large TV production studio, and four smaller insert studios.  

Focusing on the five studios we have available, the facility offers a large TV production studio and four insert studios, each featuring a lighting grid with power and DMX distribution, and camera connections and digital audio interface with the control rooms.

The TV studio is the perfect environment for creating a range of productions, from newscasts and interview shows, to talk shows, sports highlight shows, and product demonstrations – as well as being a central point for corporate Town Hall or All-hands meetings.

The studios are all available for dry hire or fully crewed, with ancillary facilities ranging from make-up and green rooms to lounge areas and a kitchen.

Often used for studio wraparound programming for live sports productions, the Center also offers specialist voiceover and foreign language commentary services, was well as control-room-only hire ‒ perfect for world feed or unilateral productions.

Gravity Media’s production teams will work with you to define and deliver efficient and effective workflows, and we can provide as much technical support as you need.

To find out more and how we can help you with your next production, email