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Gravity Media is known worldwide for supplying high-quality broadcast equipment, production facilities and project management support for productions great and small.

Over the years, as our experience has grown and we’ve fine-tuned our techniques, we’ve developed specialist skills in a number of key markets and disciplines.

At Gravity Media, sport is such an integral part of our business that we not only support the production and broadcast of major sporting events, but we also support the construction of the stadia that make those competitions possible. And as our business operates worldwide, clients benefit not only from our capacity to take on projects anywhere in the world, but also a uniquely flexible service that blends international experience with local, on-the-ground knowledge.

With experience spanning decades – and almost every major sports event in existence– we’ve become a world-leader in stadium broadcast and AV infrastructure solutions.

Working closely with sports associations, constructors and contractors, we’re often involved from the outset of these major capital projects. This means clients come to us for comprehensive, end-to-end solutions comprising planning, consultancy, design, engineering, project management, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and aftercare.

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