Simplylive ViBox – the pioneering production solution

Equipment Rental

Simplylive is well-known for developing innovative solutions for the broadcast industry, focusing on intuitive, collaborative user experiences, and aiming to take the stress out of achieving high-end production values. 

The primary solution from Simplylive is the ViBox integrated production system. ViBox consolidates livswitching, audio mixing, graphics and even replain a single unified system  an intuitive and efficient package.  

“It’s an extremely flexible system that features an open implementation that doesn’t require a lot of hardware”, says Jamie Brewer, Head of Broadcast & Post Production Rental for Gravity Media in UK. “And I like that ViBox is all touchscreendriven, which is true to Simplylive’s forward-thinking approach.” 

The ViBox 8 is one of our most popular rental items. It has six camera sources, and allows just one or two operators to oversee professional, highlevel productions. Theres a Program and Preview output, and an additional six camera positions that can be configured on-screen and used for replay 

There are transition options and speed control, and a library area that contains the queues for clips being created during production. Operators can port graphics to be used as stills or transitions, and there are bins for organising clips being created throughout production. Playlists provide a way to stack up highlight clips  with effects  for playout, and audio integration includes setting pre-sets to trigger different audio track configurations for the audio mix being used. There are also three graphics layers available to choose from, as well as a fourth layer, which is used for replay effects.  

For switching operations, there are red and green bars representing Program and Preview for each livcamera source to be selected. The red is used for direct cuts to Program Out; the green takes the source to Preview, to arrange transitions such as dissolves and graphics overlays. Replay can be augmented with production automation, where the user can set up transitions, graphics and speeds to be associated with specific operations.  

A Fake Live function permits the operator to use alreadyrecorded source material and insert it into the output to simulate ongoing live action. Sync Replay mode rolls all the recorded sources together, so the user can cut from one matching angle to another for recreating an important event.  

With the Playlist function, the user has the ability to stack multiple clips together. When scrolling through a list, the user can mark new In and Out points, change the angle of the source camera, trim clips to desired lengths, and assign effects.  

The ViBox  also available as the ViBox 16, which can handle up to 12 cameras  really is an all-in-one solution. Ideal for live sports production, the ViBox also supports remote ‘at home’ productions, interfacing with external graphics systems over NDI.