Remote control

Remote Production

Over the past few months, we’ve accelerated the delivery of an enhanced Remote Editing solution, to help clients overcome restricted travel and working conditions resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. It was a move that was always going to happen, in line with the increasing global trend for flexible working, but the pandemic certainly provided the impetus to get a robust and reliable solution into the market quickly, so our clients could keep working through lockdowns and travel bans.

Our expert team of in-house engineers collaborated to design, develop and deploy efficient and secure workflows to support this new way of working, and as the post-COVID-19 era approaches, we’re ready to support the future of editing and a noticeable shift towards a hybrid working model.

Since launch, we’ve not only helped a number of clients relocate their people from our facilities around the world home office and other remote-working locations, but we’ve also helped teams set up shop in entirely virtual workspaces, where there was never the intent to work from a bricks-and-mortar facility. The service includes full setup support and a 24/7 technical helpline, with clients safe in the knowledge that all media is safely stored behind multiple locked doors at our facilities in centralized Avid Nexis storage.

To get your home Avid editing system up and running, we’ll connect you to our two remote-working solutions: Gravity Media Virtual File Server (GMVFS) and Gravity Media Remote Video (GMRV), both of which are accessible via remote desktop. Harnessing the latest PCoIP technology makes the remote experience just as good as being in the suite, albeit without the joy of being shoulder to shoulder with your team.

In parallel, to meet burgeoning demand, we’ve been making key investments in appropriate new technology, including Amulet Hotkey DXZ4 Quad Zero Clients, DXH4 Quad Host Cards for PC and DXT-H4 Host Units for Mac, as well as powerful HP ZCentral 4R 1U workstations and Sienna NDI streaming solution. Editors can work from their preferred location using Avid Media Composer and HP hardware, while still being able to utilize the benefits of the purpose-built infrastructure and round-the-clock technical support available at our bespoke facilities. Leostream handles traffic from multiple cloud-based services, including Teradici, HP ZCentral, Amulet Hotkey and Windows Remote, to provide a secure gateway and simple interface. Team viewings can be carried out using Apple TV.

“The positive reaction from our clients to the flexibility offered by remote working with us during the pandemic will see this trend develop into a more established hybrid model as restrictions ease”, said Marty Meyer, Strategic Account Manager Post-Production & Rentals, Gravity Media in the USA. “It’s great to have the option to work from anywhere, but there are real creative advantages to be had when people come together again under one roof. The technology and infrastructure investments we’re making will further support this hybrid model where clients get to enjoy the best of both worlds.”

With a large inventory of the latest professional tools available, Gravity Media has the ability to deliver and install hardware packages for remote working ‒ including standalone offline edits, grades, and dubs, as well as laptops running Adobe Creative Cloud ‒ at any location, alongside a full virtual edit solution where all you need is your own computer.