Maestro gets a makeover


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Gravity Media in the USA runs a fleet of mobile units equipped with the most advanced HD and 4K technology on the market. Positioned in key East Coast and West Coast locations, we have a mobile unit for every occasion, from Sprinter-based vans to custom-built semis. 

These mobile units cover a wide range of applications, including sport, entertainment and news, and come with highly skilled crewing, drawn from a pool of experienced supervisors and engineers from all around the world.  

One of these trucks, Maestro – 40ft G&A Super Stallion featuring a full-length curb-side expand to allow seating for 16 – has recently been refurbished, with a new Kayenne K-Frame switcher added to an onboard inventory that includes Sony HD Triax cameras, EVS XT3+ LSM servers, and a Calrec Omega audio consoleThe new and refreshed Maestro is now primed and ready for deployment. 

Gravity Media’s mobile units support productions large and small from start to finish, with dedicated teams focused on all aspects of logistics. To discuss how we can help with your next production, email