It’s a Quibi Come Back


The streaming service that launched at exactly the wrong time, Quibi, surfaced recently on Roku. ICMYI, Quibi, a product of Jefferey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, promised six-minute shows for mobile devices just in time for the Covid-19 shutdown of life outside of your living room.

It’s getting a second shot at life as Roku Originals, available as of late May, to what we’re going to hope is a bigger audience in the USA, UK and Canada. There’ll be 30 of shows available to stream initially, but Roku says it intends to eventually launch all of the original 75 titles. I liked the idea then, and I like the idea now; believing that audiences often have a limited attention spans and will embrace these snippets of content. 

Here’s the full list of Quibi programs that are available now: “#FreeRayshawn”; “About Face”; “Bad Ideas with Adam Devine”; “Barkitechture”; “Big Rad Wolf”; “Blackballed”; “Centerpiece”; “Chrissy’s Court”; “Cup of Joe”; “Die Hart”; “Dishmantled”; “Dummy”; “Fight Like a Girl”; “Flipped”; “The Fugitive”; “Gayme Show”; “Iron Sharpens Iron”; “Last Looks”; “Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand”; “Most Dangerous Game”; “Murder House Flip”; “Murder Unboxed”; “Nightgowns”; “Prodigy”; “Punk’d”; “Reno 911!”; “Royalties”; “Shape of Pasta”; “Thanks a Million”; and “You Ain’t Got These.”