How ESPN Plans to Win the Young, the Gamblers and the Cord Cutters

Content is content, no matter if its sports, entertainment, or news. The goal is to keep established viewers and win new ones.  Where you put it has become as important as what it is.

This fall, when ESPN launches its first NHL games, a good many of them will be available on Hulu. Reportedly, in 2024, Wimbledon coverage will be seen on ABC and ESPN Plus and in 2026, when Disney gets its first Superbowl in two decades, you can bet it will be made available on multiple outlets where unique camera views, athletes and celebs will join the conversations. 

For the first time since 2005, ESPN secured contracts with baseball, hockey, basketball and football. They’re creating a new style of broadcast that focus on areas such as sports betting and Marvel characters. 

This reflects the viewers shift to on-demand outlets like Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu while ESPN is seeing declines in subscribers. Like many broadcasters, they’ve read the tea leaves and are rising to the occasion. 

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