Gravity Media’s Latest Facility in San Francisco

The Production Centre San Francisco PCR 7

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Gravity Media is proud to introduce you to our latest facility in San FranciscoThe Production Center in San Francisco’s SoMa district is a modern and flexible production workspace. The facility is accommodated within Pac-12’s 75,000 sq ft (7,000 sq m) headquarters building, and comprises three purpose-built REMI TV production control rooms, two studio control rooms, a large TV production studio, and four smaller insert studios.  

The Production Center’s studios are available for dry hire or fully crewed, with ancillary facilities ranging from make-up and green rooms to lounge areas and a kitchen. Often used for studio wraparound programming, the Center also offers specialist voiceover and foreign language commentary services, was well as control-room-only hire – perfect for world feed or unilateral game productions. 

The high-spec control rooms facilitate audio mixing, graphics, playback, post-production, encoding and distribution. With fiber connectivity in and out of the building, satellite receive capability, and a direct connection to Amazon, content can be sent to or received from anywhere in the world.  

The Production Center at SoMa is primarily used as a centralized control facility for live-event productions using an At-Home workflow. This includes literally hundreds of college football and basketball games, as well as swimming, diving, field hockey, lacrosse and soccer coverage for the Pac-12 Networks.  

Clients in general value access to a modern, HD TV production studio in the heart of SoMa, with insert studios for offsite announcing and game-call capability, talking-head news inserts, or interviews. 

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