Gravity Media Caps Off 47-Event Week

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Will Wright, our Head of Production & Executive Producer of Gravity Media in the USA, caught up with SVG to discuss Gravity Media’s jam packed week filled with 47 events. It was all hands-on deck for the Gravity Media team in the USA with every US mobile unit out on site and all team members deployed! 

The week ended with the production of BKFC’s Knucklemania on the evening of Friday 5 February in Lakeland Florida. Gravity Media’s Director of Engineering, Tyler Thomas was onsite in Lakeland with our 4K mobile unit Columbus which was at the center of the production as the team packaged the event.  

“As a company, we are known for facilities,” says Will Wright, who is responsible for the Knucklemania event explained. “We are able to still provide that with great high-end facilities and high-end cameras like the Sony HDC-4300, but now we are a packager as well. This is the third PPV we have done with BKFC and the biggest event that they’ve done.”  

As the packager for the show, the Gravity Media team had a lot of control over the production elements with 45 people working on the show, five working from home and 10 in Los Angeles, where remote graphics, highlight editing, streaming/and social integration, and Spanish-language commentary are handled. Our Director of Technology, Alex Rybalko was responsible for overseeing the operations along with Danita Davies, Manager of Remote Production at our Los Angeles base.  

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