Football – Back of the net!


Gravity Media is known worldwide for supplying high-quality broadcast equipment, production facilities and project management support for productions great and small.

Over the years, as our experience has grown and we’ve fine-tuned our techniques, we’ve developed specialist skills in a number of key markets and disciplines.

At Gravity Media, we recognise that football is much more than a game. It unites nations and divides families. It connects people across the world, stirs the emotions, and creates memories like no other sport can. It has also been a big part of Gravity Media’s operations since we were founded over 30 years ago.

Live and near-live coverage in football is where many of our diverse capabilities come together, from consultancy, planning and design, to engineering, pre-production, logistics, crewing and infrastructure.

At every stage of an assignment, we provide the kit, the people and the experience to ensure the project lands squarely in the back of the net. This includes live broadcast services, fast-turnaround highlights and full-time edits, along with scripted, voiced and ready-to-air highlights programmes at the end of each match-night – not to mention the permanent infrastructure projects we’ve delivered at top-flight stadia around the world.

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