FA Cup Round 3

Sporting EventFootball
Outside BroadcastProduction Centre
UKLondonThe Production Centre

The Third Round Proper of the Emirates FA Cup is one of the most popular weekends in the English football calendar, when Premier League teams join the fabled knock-out competition. Famed for its upsets and high sporting drama, there’s not much that can match the excitement that this round regularly provides at the start of the new year. 

Gravity Media had a team of over 500 people working across the country, in various roles, to cover the action. The Gravity Media UK Production and Content team was on hand to deliver world feeds from all 31 ties for The FA. These ready-to-air programmes for rights holders were complete with specially produced content, graphics and commentary. In addition, Gravity Media oversaw 19 live outside broadcasts up and down the country from Exeter to Huddersfield, which included the deployment of our own outside broadcast truck Pictor at Wolves v Crystal Palace, Burnley v MK Dons, and Manchester City v Birmingham. 

Over 500 digital clips were produced in-house across the weekend at Gravity Media’s Production Centre in Chiswick, west London for The FA to use on its social channels and digital platforms. The team also produced eight Deliveroo sponsored programmes for The FA Player, and our world feeds were broadcast live on the BBC and BT Sport. 

The digital clips service provided to The FA for last year’s Third Round Proper generated over 80 million views across all social media channels. 

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