eSports – Prepare to Level Up

esportsGravity Media Esports Flypack

Gravity Media is known worldwide for supplying high-quality broadcast equipment, production facilities and project management support for productions great and small.

Over the years, as our experience has grown and we’ve fine-tuned our techniques, we’ve developed specialist skills in a number of key markets and disciplines.

The world of eSports continues to develop at a pace. From niche beginnings, the genre is now mainstream, global, and continuing to grow, with audiences expected to surpass 550 million in 2021. It’s clearly a market whose time has come, and with around two billion dollars of revenue on the line, industry participants are now demanding ever-greater quality, coverage and interaction for their tech-savvy audiences – particularly as eSports need to compete for a share of online activity with other major entertainment platforms.

At Gravity Media, we’ve been active in eSports since Day 1, having been the first production company ever to bring a game into a TV workflow, including overcoming the challenge of region-specific encoding. Ever since, we’ve been an integral part of this incredible success story, working with all the key players at some of the biggest live gaming events on the planet.

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