Canon HJ22 – Long established, truly multipurpose

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The Canon HJ22 is often seen as a great complement to the HJ14. Both lenses have enough flexibility that they can almost do each other’s job, but the longer focal length of the HJ22 can give softer backgrounds and a more compressed depth of field, versus the HJ14’s skill at showing the scale of the environment in the background.

The HJ22’s many useful features mean it’s the lens of choice across a variety of broadcast situations in which one lens has to meet many demands. It provides high optical performance combined with ease of use, and with a 22x zoom ratio and a wide 7.6mm focal length out to 168mm (336mm if the 2x extender is deployed) and a wide-angle of 64.6 degrees horizontal (for the 16:9 aspect ratio), the HJ22 gives a wide shooting angle together with an exceptional focal length to cover a broad range of capture scenarios.

The versality and robustness of the HJ22 doesn’t compromise its portability. Weighing in at under 1.9kg, this is a lightweight lens and the perfect choice for capturing content on the move. It’s also within the family of Canon lenses that feature e-HDxs technology and embrace Canon’s optional Crossover system for switchability between 16:9/4:3 formats.

Steve Snook, Gravity Media’s UK Engineering Manager, says: “The HJ22 is one of the most popular lenses on our books, and for good reason. Its sheer flexibility in the field and its fantastic optical performance mean it gets used across all sorts of wide-angle and long-range coverage, from drama and documentary shoots, to live sport and news productions.”

In short, the HJ22 is the must-have lens for producers and broadcasters who need to shoot over long distances alongside wide-angle capture, using a lightweight, portable system with exceptional HDTV performance.

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