2021 Australian Open Finals

Aus Open Final 2022

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The first Grand Slam of the year is complete! The finals saw the Gravity Media team capture moments in history as Novak Djokovic and Naomi Osaka were crowned champions. 

A joint UK/Australia team from Gravity Media worked hard in Melbourne, Victoria, to deliver this year’s Australian Open (AO) tennis in ever changing circumstances. In total, there were nearly 100 people onsite working for Gravity Media, and over 3,000 total days worked. When we add in quarantine, it’s over 3,300 days. The team successfully broadcast hundreds of hours of play over the 22 days of transmission, and they completed it whilst a global pandemic still has the world in its grasp.  

A massive thank you to everyone involved who helped to deliver this year’s Australian Open tennis including a special shout out to the below who have been on the road since November 2020.  

Daniel Edwards  Solutions Architect 
Brendan Smith – Server Engineer 
Matt Downing – Comms Engineer
Lucie Slocombe – Vision Engineer 
TJ Nancarrow – Audio Engineer 
Gary Hodge – RF Engineer in Charge  
Hamish Harris – Technical Project Manager 

The Australian Open is one of the biggest projects Gravity Media takes on in any given year, and to deliver it in these difficult circumstances is all the more commendable. At Gravity Media, tennis is in our DNA. We’ve been active in the market for over three decades, and we’re fans of the game as much as broadcast and production partners.  

Although we’re immeasurably proud of our team on the ground and the sacrifices they’ve had to make, we’re equally proud to say it’s not uncommon. Commitment like this is demonstrated week in, week out by our people, helping cement Gravity Media’s reputation for remarkable client service and flawless delivery.  

It is now time for the team to derig, rest up and prepare for our next stop to Miami!