The Many Moods, the Many Shades, the Many Sides of REMI

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Michael Harabin, our President for the USA, Alex Rybalko, Director of Engineering (USA) and Tyler Thomas, Director of Operations (USA) shared their thoughts with SVG on ‘The Many Moods, the Many Shades, the Many Sides of REMI’ in a series of two articles.

There are as many iterations of the centralized production workflow as there are names for it, REMI, At-Home, Home-Run Productions, Multi-cam to name a few of the more popular.

The two articles feature online with part one focusing on the thought that the efficient content production workflow deployed by Gravity Media had managed to achieve measurable cost efficiencies whilst maintaining production values, two things which usually have a negative correlation.

Gravity Media can speak with a high level of authority on the topic, given the extensive groundwork it has put in to delivering REMI productions of all shapes and sizes in recent years. The Pac-12 Networks and Proshow Broadcast, now owned by and operating as Gravity Media, is among the market leaders in North America in sheer volume for these types of productions. 

Gravity Media, through the Proshow Broadcast acquisition, reached its 2,000th REMI Production using this workflow in February 2020 – where the individual camera signals and audio feeds are transmitted back to a facility’s control room for integration (switching, mixing, graphics, replays and comms).

Part two of the series looked at the role of unified production platforms within the centralised workflow – is this a reversal of the REMI trend or an advancement for the existing model?

Read the articles in full here: Part one and Part two