The defining moment for remote production

Remote Production

Ed Tischler, our Acting Managing Director for the UK, has written an article for TVBEurope on why now is the defining moment for remote production. The piece features in the April 2020 issue of the broadcast media publication and looks at the confusion the term can cause, given its widespread use, and in what circumstances the approach is best suited.

Gravity Media can speak with a high level of authority on the topic, given the extensive groundwork it has put in to delivering remote productions of all shapes and sizes in recent years. Our American team for example recently delivered their 2000th REMote Integration production – their first one being back in April 2013. Most of these ‘At Home’ centralised productions have covered college football, men’s and women’s college basketball and Olympic sports such as swimming, diving, field hockey, lacrosse and soccer.

While the geography and sporting landscape of North America has provided the perfect conditions for remote production to blossom, it’s fast gaining traction in other parts of the world too. As a company with a rich history in pioneering the use of flypacks, Gravity Media has been ideally placed to deliver projects from tennis to motor racing remotely from a diverse range of locations around the world.

With the improved connectivity and reduced cost now offered by telcos helping to drive adoption and the broadcast industry becoming more aware of the need to reduce its overall carbon footprint and become more sustainable, a key focus for the future will be to reduce what is needed on site. The emergence of remote production, along with cloud-based services and streaming give us the ability to execute more of the work from a central hub, meaning our future will be a greener, more remote one.

Ed’s article is available to read in full here.