Sennheiser SKM9000 Radio Stick mic – world class transmission

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The Sennheiser SKM9000 Radio Stick mic is designed for professional use in broadcast studios, theatres and live performances. It delivers a clean sound quality free of unwanted sonic artefacts due, in part, to its unique uncompressed digital audio transmission. That’s why it’s the mic of choice for many live performance producers, where there’s no opportunity to edit out errors. Technically, it uses extremely steep filters, which allow for a very narrow set-up of the respective radio frequencies within the available frequency range without risking intermodulation.

Ed Tischler, Acting Managing Director at Gravity Media, says: “The SKM9000 is our go-to mic for live stage shows – especially when armed with the MD 9235 head. The list of performers who’ve used it live without glitches would be a special sell-out event by itself. Aside from the sound quality and low handling noise, it’s also an intuitive and highly flexible piece of kit. It matches the quality of cable microphones, and it comes with exchangeable energy packs that save immensely on battery use. It’s also compatible to other 2000 series microphone heads and Neumann heads.”