Panasonic PTZ AW-UE70

Panasonic PTZ AW-UE70 – great things can come in small packages

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The AW-UE70 was the industry’s first camera of its kind – a 4K fully integrated pan tilt zoom (PTZ) remote camera. Its compact size belies its amazing capability and usability in so many situations, from remote video production to live-event coverage and video conferencing. Output formats include HDMI, IP streaming, USB and LAN, and it also comes with audio capability and automatic speaker tracking.

Gravity Media Director, Ed Tischler, says: “We love the easy set-up of this camera – it only takes one cable to handle power, control and monitoring, so the installation is fast and inexpensive. For a device of this capability, that’s an advantage from the start – and then it goes on to punch above its weight.”

The AW-UE70 is power-over-ethernet with Cat 5 cable. Its wide choice of interfaces mean it can be integrated into almost any existing capture, production and control set-up. It has an outstanding 20x zoom range and pan-tilt performance, and delivers Ultra High Definition images at 25p via HDMI, and is also capable of 4K IP-streaming and in-camera 4K recording. It produces incredibly high-quality images, as well as providing the option of stunning full HD images at 1080/50p. For a camera of its size, it also has sophisticated controls and compensations for trickier operating environments, such as high-contrast lighting, night shooting and vibration.