‘Meet The Team’ Patrick Kolter – Hire Desk Operator – Cologne

Equipment Rental

Based at our Cologne premises, Patrick Kolter ensures our rental clients are offered the very best in broadcast equipment and technical support. 

Patrick is a relatively new member of the team, having joined us last summer, in August, under the former Gearhouse Broadcast brand. This was prior to it becoming Gravity Media in November, 2019. 

Patrick quickly became a valued member of the close-knit Cologne team. He is noted for an unwavering commitment to providing clients with outstanding customer service, something Gravity Media is known for across the world. 

In his role, Patrick’s organisational acumen, paired with an ability to effectively communicate and handle tight logistical requirements, means he is able to provide each and every client with timely broadcast solutions meeting their needs, within budget. 

Patrick takes pride in working for a forward-thinking company with an inventory that features the most technologically advanced broadcast equipment available on the market today.  

Outside of work, Patrick enjoys playing football and socialising with friends, as well as watching football on screen. He has always had an interest in live television and a desire to know what happens behind-the-scenes to make everything work. Now, thanks to his role at Gravity Media and the training he has received, Patrick has become an expert on the equipment required to make such live productions run smoothly.