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*Image from the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network campaign

Gravity Media’s Corporate and Commercial Production team in Australia have been working with Telstra for the past 15 years. Telstra is a multi-faceted organisation and therefore has a number of varied media production requirements. Telstra’s above the line activity is managed by its retained agencies. It’s below the line activity is shared between its internal Creative Services team and Gravity Media. Telstra also has an International division as well as Owned and Partnered Support Businesses.

Gravity Media’s services to Telstra include support to the Marketing and Communications Group with creative video production, which includes:

  • Culture-related pieces that include Corporate History, Induction, On-boarding, Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Identification, Company Purpose, Leadership, Community and Wellbeing
  • Service and Product pieces that include Launches, How To videos, App Explainers, Technical and Team Support videos
  • Brand pieces that include Human Interest Stories and functional Graphic Tool Kits
  • Online and Social Media content

Gravity Media also supports the Enterprise Group with creative production and content management, which includes:

  • New business pieces that include Case Studies, Technology and Capability videos
  • Trade Show and Exhibition pieces for initiatives like Telstra Vantage, an annual invitation only celebration of what’s possible when you combine powerful networks with the power of collaboration – this includes pre-show marketing materials, capture of keynotes, sessions, interviews, vox pops, editing of daily highlights packages and post production of asset marketing materials
  • Managing Telstra’s broadcast studio (Studio T) where Gravity Media provides technical support, creative development and production management. In this studio Gravity Media produce’s a number of one-hour quarterly shows for Telstra’s Enterprise and Business divisions with content including Announcements, News, Interviews, Panel Discussions, Wellbeing and Social segments. When a larger space or more complicated creative execution is required, Gravity Media accesses the larger broadcast studios at its Production Centre in Sydney
  • Telstra Box Office Movies where Gravity Media receives, curates and markets Studio Films for Telstra’s Rentals Service
  • Production and Livestreaming from the Theatres of Telstra’s Customer Insights Centres in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as Linking and Livestreaming from remote locations using combinations of Mobile, Fibre, Microwave, Satellite and Undersea Cable
  • Coverage of Telstra’s Company Announcements to market sensitive platforms for Analysts, Shareholders, Media and Staff
  • Channel Partner profiles and marketing of International and Infrastructure business services. 

Gravity Media’s Corporate and Commercial Production team extends this varied experience and reach to a number of Agency and Direct clients for whom it produces TV commercials, Case Studies, Social content and other marketing materials. Services include Creative, Talent, Production, Licensing of Music, Broadcast Clearance and Asset Delivery. 

Clients and agencies include:

Amazon Web Services                   Australian Defence Force             Bayer    

Caltex                                                 Cure Cancer Australia                    Destination NSW

Imagination                                      Innocean                                           Mango

McDonalds                                       Microsoft Australia                        NSW Dept. of Education

Origin Energy                                   Sanitarium                                        Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Teachers Mutual Bank                   The Monkeys                                   Virgin Radio                                     


The Gravity Media team includes a combination of Staff and Contractors functioning as Script Writers, Directors, Producers, Production Managers, DOPs and Crew. 

Following the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network campaign launch, Gravity Media was commissioned to create three ninety second online educational videos. The creative and brief came in via Telstra’s partner agency The Monkeys.

Shot on the Sony F5 with Cine-Primes at 25 frames per second. Lighting spill was achieved with a large Cream Source soft light from above, with some creative use of pink-gelled panel lights and LED torches. In post, different techniques of particle emitters, stroke and light flares were combined to give the light effect. Each shot was then timed to 10 frames per second to give a stop-frame appearance. The device screens were motion tracked and added, then the plates were graded and all combined back to 25 frames per second for delivery. 

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